Cavco Factory Tour–How Your New Home Gets Built.

Starting from the ground up and proceeding through multiple work stations, your Cavco factory tour gives you a glimpse into the quality of workmanship in today’s manufactured homes. We will show you some of the major steps involved in your home’s construction.  Let’s get started at the first work station, frame construction.

Cavco Factory Pics 2015 002
Manufactured house frame with outriggers to support James Hardie siding.

Though it doesn’t look like much at this stage, the frame must be constructed to bear the weight of the entire house for decades and in all kinds of climate conditions.  Keep in mind that as your home is transported, the frame must be able endure all kinds adverse road and site conditions.

Once the frame is built and sprayed with a rust-resistant coating, the flooring, plumbing, and insulation can be added.

Cavco Factory Pics 2015 009

Below, we see the machine that builds the air conditioning floor ducts.  If you’ve ever seen seamless gutters being built, you understand the process.  Metal ducts are much harder for animals to penetrate than old-fashioned flexible ducts.

Cavco Factory Pics 2015 010

The next major assembly point takes us to walls and framing.  You can see how the home is  really taking shape.

Here you can see various phases of cabinet construction.  Lots of components go into building kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Moving on, we come to the roof truss assembly point.  Our tour guide’s hand is on the large beam that helps provide structure and stability to the roof section.Cavco Factory Pics 2015 034

Attachment of the Hardie fiber cement siding is shown below.  This is a time-consuming procedure which must be done precisely.  You can see the joint between the panels and each nail head are caulked.  You can also see that the roof shingles have been installed.

One of the last steps in construction is attachment of interior fixtures.  Notice that the this segment of the home is powered.

Factory 003

What you’ve seen here is a snapshot of a two-hour tour of the entire facility.  Factory tours give you peace of mind showing you the quality craftsmanship that goes into your new manufactured home.

If you’re interested in a personalized tour of the factory, let me know and we can make it happen. You’ll get to see each phase of a home’s construction, all the way through to punch-out and cleanup.

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Spotlight Home of the Week–Cavco HC3248

Come step inside one of the most beautiful homes in our inventory.  This 32 x 48 home features Hill Country style and outstanding quality that you have come to expect from A-1 Homes.

Cavco has made some big changes in the 2016 version of this home.  The ceilings are now 8′ flat so you have the feel of a site-built home.  The kitchen has been opened up slightly, giving you a lot more visibility into the living room.

We ordered this home with a deep sink, and plenty of overhead lights.  Customers really like the hidden pantry.  You also get the raised snack bar, appliance package (side-by-side refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher), as well as a lot of other nice features.

This is our first home we’ve ordered with the floating entertainment center in the living room.  You’ll find that it provides handy storage space for your electronics and plenty of room for a big screen on top.

HC3248 001

The master bedroom and bathroom are shown below.  Both are spacious and beautiful.


Give me a call when you’d like to come in and take a look at this beautiful home.  You’ll find that it has a lot more features and appeal than I can show you here.

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Used Oilfield Homes–Great Value for Your Money

We started receiving the first of twenty oilfield homes this week.  These units are built like tanks and we were able to find 1, 2, and 3-bedroom floor plans.  Some of the homes look almost new and some need some TLC.


So far, all of the homes have appliances, including refrigerator, stove, dishwasher.  Most will have a washer/dryer combo.  All will have A/C.  These units are strictly first come, first serve–early birds get the best.   Some customers will even have the chance to find homes which are furnished!  Prices range from $22,000-$35,900 delivered with A/C.

Please call me today:

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Big savings with a pair of double-wide REPO’s.

We have two double-wide REPO homes now available.  Both are three-bedroom, two-bath.  These are homes we don’t find very often and you can save a lot of money, especially if you buy before we move them to our lot in Victoria.

The first is a 2012 32 x 68 Cavco FLX.  We rarely find homes this nice.  This one is stunning!  Very clean and well-maintained.  It has some great features like the energy package, drop-in tub, James Hardie siding, and is about 2000 sq ft.  The home is still sitting in its original location near Yorktown and you can save thousands by purchasing it where it sits!  We are showing it by appointment only.  Please contact me at (361) 573-1200 if you would like to take  a look.  Delivery, set-up, warranty, and an A/C are standard.  If you need a pad and skirt, we can take care of those as well.

I have a lot more pictures available, so let me know if you want some.  Please email inquiries to:

The second home we have is a 2011 Fleetwood Ultra 32 x 48 located in Zapata (not too far from McAllen).  With some elbow grease, you can have this home up and running in no time.  As you can see from the pictures, the home is in pretty good condition, just needs a good cleanup.

Delivery, set-up, warranty, and A/C are standard.  If you need a pad and a skirt, we can take care of those.

REPO homes offer you a way to purchase a used home for much less than a new one.  Give me a call and find out what makes these homes special!

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Kitchens and Families

One of the most highlighted areas of our homes is the kitchen.  We get more feedback about layout, functionality, and features of our kitchens than any other room.  Some customers need an open kitchen to accommodate a large dining table, while others simply want a small, efficient kitchen with a snack bar.  Below are some examples in our Signature Series homes.  Which one do you like best?

Here’s our most popular single-wide, the Cavco 1676A (16 x 76).  Customers really like the hidden pantry and efficient cabinet design.  It features a raised snack bar and plenty of storage space.  Shown below are cabinets in pine (light) and oak (dark).

Another layout in our 76′ homes is the Cavco 1676B.  It allows you to seat six people comfortably in the dining area.  The pictures below came from a custom ordered home with stainless appliances.  This home features even more cabinets and a separate utility room.

Should your needs require a double-wide, your kitchen options become almost limitless.  With larger floor plans, we can offer you kitchens that have islands, multiple storage options, and large dining areas.

We are highlighting a couple of homes from Cavco’s Hill Country Series.  The first is the 3248HC.  This beautiful home is shown with Plantation Oak rustic cabinets with hidden pantry.  You get plenty of room for preparation with an eye on efficient design.  We also added plenty of overhead lighting to make the kitchen bright and inviting.

Finally, we have the all-new 3264.  This home features pine cabinets with an island which can be used for both dining and food preparation.  The island even comes with an electrical outlet so you can power a laptop or a TV.

Whether you’re looking for plenty of food preparation space, extra lighting, or lots of cabinets, we can help you find the perfect home to fit your family’s needs.

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Three home choices to help you downsize.

With the costs of just about everything going up, deciding how to downsize is more important than ever.  A-1 Homes in Victoria can show you just how easy it is to move from a site-built home into a quality manufactured home and keep most of the great features you’ve come to expect.  Let’s examine a few 1 and 2-bedroom homes.

The 1640FLSA is one of our most popular floor plans for single adults looking for a smaller home with all of the necessities.  It also makes a great weekend or vacation home!

Floor Plan Pictures 002

This little home comes with James Hardie siding, appliances, bay window, washer/dryer connections, plus a lot more.  As you can see from the photos, there’s plenty of room and you don’t have to sacrifice anything in the way of conveniences.

The next size up is our 1656C.  It features two bedrooms, two full baths and lots of cabinet space.

Floor Plan Pictures 001


This home features bedrooms on opposite ends so that kids or guests don’t disturb you.  Like the 1640 LFSA, you get James Hardie siding, upgraded insulation, snack bar and a lot more.  You can even upgrade to a fireplace.

Finally, we offer the 1660LFSA.  Two bedrooms with a lot of class.  The beautiful kitchen features a large bay window to give you lots of light.  It has almost double the cabinet space of other homes and the desk area adds a lot of versatility.  With a bedroom large enough for a king-size bed, you get the feel of a site-built home for a fraction of the cost.  This home shares many of the standard features of its smaller cousins:  James Hardie siding, appliances, upgraded insulation, storm windows, etc.

Floor Plan Pictures 003

Whatever your needs are, A-1 Homes of Victoria has the home for you.  If you don’t see exactly what you want on the lot, we can order the home to your specifications.    Come in and see for yourself how these 1 and 2-bedroom homes pack in lots of features along with the quality you expect.  Come in and let me show you firsthand.

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Our Newest Homes—Wow, They Look Really Sharp

By Frank Weisser

Just yesterday we received a pair of new single-wide homes from Cavco. One is a two bedroom and the other is a one bedroom. Let’s take a tour of each one.

The two bedroom home with James Hardie siding measures 16 ft wide by 60 ft long and features Cavco’s newest cabinet color, Plantation Oak. The bay window provides the owner a great view from the front of the home. This unique window placement also provides plenty of light into the combined kitchen and dining room. A spacious living room sits between the kitchen and the two bedrooms. Each bedroom has its own spacious bathroom.

.1660 0011660 002

1660 Kitchen with Plantation Oak cabinets.
1660 Kitchen with Plantation Oak cabinets.
A view of the kitchen.
A view of the kitchen.

1660 004

1660 009

Smart siding combined with green composite shingles give our newest one bedroom home a rustic look that so many of our customers demand. At 16 ft wide and 40 feet long, its footprint is small enough to fit into the smallest spaces, yet large enough to provide plenty of room for a couple who are downsizing. The 1640 provides the homeowner with everything he or she needs without any wasted space.

1640 with Smart Siding
1640 with Smart Siding

1640 002

1640 004

A view of the well-equipped kitchen.
A view of the well-equipped kitchen.

1640 011

If you would like to know more about either of these beautiful homes, come in let us give you a guided tour today!

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